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6 Facts you should know about Website Development!

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

So people who are not in the coding and designing field might see web designing as a complicated task. Well, you are reading this blog on a website which was developed from the scratch and is now being maintained behind the scenes.

So what is Web Development? It is a way in which a website is developed and maintained from the backend so that it becomes pleasing to the eye, runs effortlessly and works faster. But there are some facts one should know about web development.

Let's look at some of those facts-

1) Doesn’t look the same on different screens-

Programs on every gadget render a site in an alternate way. A site that looks a specific way on Google Chrome in a workstation might appear to be completely different on Safari in your iPhone.

How a site will look on the screen relies upon different components, for example, parsing and delivering, which implies how a program interprets the code in a site and shows it on your screen.

2) People usually scan the website-

Have you ever been to a website where you just quickly just go through the content and not read it word by word because you are a busy personality and have places to be?

Well that’s what scanning a website is. This also implies a site should utilize searchable text, including watchwords, sub-headings, bulleted points, just a single thought in a section, and fewer words.

Validity is fundamental for web clients which can be expanded by acceptable quality designs and great composition.

3) Two-Third Web Usage is on Mobile Devices-

For example, if you want to surf on Instagram or Facebook, what will you prefer? A small smart device which can fit in your pocket or a big screen device which takes some effort to carry around? Exactly!!

The ascension of cell phones has changed the medium through which clients contact a site. The vast majority of the clients surf the Internet on cell phones .

Ensure your web application improvement organization should streamline sites with the goal that UX can be wonderful for versatile clients.

4) Website upgradation is important-

Since we are living in an ever evolving digital era, where a tik-tok dance can break the internet one day and the very next day become cringe content.

A website also needs to be upgraded from time to time as the environment continues to evolve with invention of something or the other.

Take the example of Hotmail or Oracle and how their websites died just because they were not able to upgrade according to the need of the market.

5) Templates can hold a website back-

Making a site fancy might be the fashion but with the help of coding. Since website templates tend to hold back your website's full potential.

In the web application market, site formats have turned into a typical top choice of the individuals who have little thought of coding and don't have any desire to invest an excessive amount of energy on web application improvement.

In spite of the fact that site formats are the path of least resistance, it restricts your capacities to utilize plan components of your decision or now and again swell coding.

6) Users are really judgy-

Wouldn’t you be pissed at the fact that you have developed a website which took forever, and people are not even bothered to go through it?

Well that's exactly what every website faces. The first impression is really crucial for a website since it takes less than a second for the user to form an opinion and leave your website.

Take the example of a high end website like Amazon, Netflix etc and see how they have tried to create an environment which throws comfy vibes.


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