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6 Types of Digital Marketing Techniques to boost your Sales

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

What is Digital marketing? Where is Digital Marketing? Wait I'll do you one better, Why is Digital marketing? Yes, No? Now that i have your attention let's dive into this topic.

It's really hard these days to not notice how digital marketing has upgraded the marketing platform and taken it to a whole new level. It has suddenly became one of the most important if not the most important thing a business has to do in order to sustain and survive in the market.

So what is digital marketing?

Straight to the point we see, alright then. Digital marketing is a process of promoting and selling your services and products online via different methods. Now you would like to know what these methods are, right? Hold on, what's the rush? Let us complete.

It also helps in bringing your business into the limelight if you perform these methods properly and efficiently. Again with the questions huh… Alright, I'll jump straight to the methods then. Sike!! Got you, No i’m kidding, here goes.

You Might Be Missing These, Try Some-

This is the section where I tell you the methods which you might not be trying because you don't know much about them or have gone unnoticed by you. Yes i know nothing goes unnoticed by you but hear me out okay?

1) Search Engine Optimization-

Okay maybe you were right, because you can’t miss this if you are trying to make an online presence, right? Right!?

SEO short for Search Engine Optimization( because everyone loves short for these days ‘LOL’) is in itself a marketing tool. SEO is an ‘ART’. Wait wait wait, i said Art, that doesn't mean you have to create a portrait of something.

I meant SEO helps in making your business rank better in google search. It takes into account various factors and then helps in ranking your business. So if you want to be 1st in Google, you gotta be 1st in SEO.

2) Content Marketing-

Wait, so are you telling me that if you guys are reading my blog, that means I have successfully marketed my content!?!. I would like to thank my hands, my mind, my humour for allowing me to write this blog.

I'm kidding, (except for the successfully marketed part ‘LOL’). Where was I?

Content Marketing is a process of promoting valuable content in the form of information to the potential or an already consuming individual. It is really an SEO driven technique as it will help to show your content above the rest if done right.

Keywords people Keywords!! Put some keywords into your content and voila! You will see your improved rankings.

3) Social Media Marketing-

Alright here comes everyone’s favourite topic, “Social Media”. Like what is the obsession of people with Instagram and Snapchat?

All the time people are like “Let me click a pic of this whole wheat bread and post it so people know I eat healthy”. Like no one wants to know man. Although, jokes aside Social media marketing is really a booming idea these days.

Even though these shenanigans happen on social media, it is a great platform to market your services and products. Therefore we all can bear these shenanigans for the sake of our businesses.

Social media is so ‘SOCIAL’ that it becomes easy to connect to the target audience and know what they need and want and develop services and products accordingly. It involves audience participation as well, which helps to get user engagement.

4) Pay-Per Click Marketing-

Read the name again, It's not a ‘Pay-per view’. This aint wrestling and stuff. It is ‘Pay-per Click’ Marketing. Now you must be thinking why should I be investing in whatever this is.

Let me tell you that you only have to pay when someone clicks on your advertisement. If no one does then you won't be paying. So not to end up like the latter, make better advertisements and it will bring you more customers.

5) Affiliate Marketing-

Want to help your peers also make money? Then this is the perfect method to do so. Even if your peers don't want to make money, help yourself by telling them to help you. Confusing? Right, let me make it clear.

Affiliate marketing is the process in which someone makes money by promoting someone else’s business. Yes you heard it right, someone else can promote your business and both of you can eat whole wheat bread for breakfast.

6) Email Marketing-

It is like shooting blindly. If you hit it then fantastic, if you don't then you do what everyone else does, shoot again!. Now let's not say shoot because this is not the Olympics.

Email Marketing concept is pretty simple, you send an email to your prospective clients and hope they click on it and read what you have mailed them, and then contact you.

Easy right? Wait till you have to send a ton of mails and don't get a lead. Scared you didn't I? Email marketing is useful as it helps you determine who all can be your potential customers.

These were some of the most important ways that you can trigger your inner digital marketing guru and let your business go to levels high above the sky!

Gotta know the benefits of DM right?

1) Reaching the Millions!-

Digital marketing will help you reach wider masses and by this I don't mean plus size people only. I see where you went with it, always have to clear it, don't I?

Since everyone is on the internet these days doing god knows what, It becomes easier with digital marketing to connect with them and reach other potential customers.

2) Cost Efficiency-

This might be the most important thing people look at, isn't it?Of Course it should be, I mean why would you invest so much and gain so little out of it.

Well not with digital marketing since it is comparatively really cheaper then the old marketing techniques. Traditional ways of marketing tend to be really expensive for companies.

Digital marketing will save you money and time so you can go home and eat your whole wheat bread (okay this is the last one ‘LOL’)

3) Measuring the Performance-

So this is the best thing about it. You can't measure your success in traditional marketing, like if this is anything new to your ears. You can have pretty good data about how your ads and promotions are doing by the way of digital marketing.

I think you know how crucial it can be to determine how your ad is doing v/s how you wanted it to do. Then you can easily see to it that your plans are set in motion.

4) Connection with humans-

Well what is digital marketing of any use, if you can't do that one thing that it is supposed to do. It is really helpful in connecting to a business’s target audience or the potential customers.

It can also reach to some people who would have no idea about your business and make them go “Hey! What a business idea, I gotta see this”.

Yeah, thats what my friends say whenever i come up with a stupid startup idea. Being so close to their audience helps a business to observe the needs and wants and develop their services accordingly.




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