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5 Must Know Social Media Branding Strategies

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

So you might be thinking that ‘ I have heard branding’ and ‘I have heard of social media’. Then what on this blue earth is ‘Social Media Branding”?. Let me enhance your vision my friend, Social Media branding refers to the process being consistent about using the right strategies on social media platforms.

The aim of Social Media Branding is to boost your brand awareness. You might be thinking “ Why social media branding, why not just branding?” My fellow homosapaiens, I must convey this to you that digitalisation has flooded our lives. Everything can be done digitally from ordering groceries to booking your dog’s spa.

So it becomes a must for a business to experiment with Social Media Branding and be consistent about it. Now! You must be thinking again “ Alright im intrigued, what are it’s strategies?”. Good question you are, my friend.

Let's look at some strategies-

1) Influencer marketing-

This social media branding strategy comes in handy when people who have a decent to fantastic insta handle gives your business a ‘Shout-Out’.

This helps your Insta Handle to get recognized by a larger audience and hence your social media branding process starts.

2) Consistent Messaging-

You have to have a love and hate relationship with these. You must have come across many companies that constantly send messages.

So much so that it gets annoying and you have to call them to shut them out. But that's it! You did exactly what they wanted you to do. You became their lead.

And that's how it works!

3) User Engagement-

Have you seen stories of certain companies that involve polls, questions, quizzes etc.? That’s exactly what user engagement is all about.

This social media branding strategy helps you to get on a personal level with your target audience and find out what they really need or want.

It also builds credibility, therefore you will be like Neil Patel to your audience.

4) Regular Posting-

When you exercise or diet, you do it regularly instead of doing it for a day and then pick it up some other day. Similar is the work of postings.

Posting regularly will help you provide important, creative and innovative information about you, your services and products.

This social media branding strategy will help you build your platform as well as an audience for your platform.

5) User Generated Content-

If you are happy with a service or a product, you give your views on it with some ratings right? Same you can do with your website.

Let people rate and give their views to you on your website which should be visible to others who come on your website.This way people will know that you value feedback and clients are important to you.

In the end i would like to say it was a fun little info session with you guys! Social Media and Branding goes hand-in-hand. Many people are oblivious to the fact that it can play a crucial role in bringing you business and giving you the spotlight you wanted for your business.Social media branding strategies can help you get a strong customer base.


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